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Where can replacement parts for my equipment be purchased?

Murray replacement parts can be obtained through your local Authorized Murray Dealer. For assistance in determining your part number, please contact your local dealer or your … Read More

How can an operator's manual for my Murray product be obtained?

Operator's Manuals for most of our recent products are available for download. For literature regarding Murray products, please visit the Murray Operator's Manual Search … Read More

How do I obtain a safety data sheet?

To obtain a safety data sheet of a product, fill out our Contact Us form. Please provide details on what product the request concerns in the "Questions/Comments" field. Our support team works to … Read More

Will bagging grass affect the self-propel feature?

As the bag begins to fill with grass and gets heavier, it may be necessary for the operator to push up slightly on the handle of front drive models to maintain traction. On rear drive … Read More

What type of battery should I purchase to replace the original?

Consult your product's Operator's Manual for the right type of battery or contact your local Authorized Dealer. Please read and abide by any applicable Safety Information … Read More

What are some common problems/solutions with regards to blade drive belts?

Blade drive belt comes off during use Blade drive belt may suffer internal damage to cords when it comes off during use. If the belt still comes off after checking all steps below, replace … Read More

What are some things to consider when shopping for a riding mower?

What size cutting deck do I need? The width of cutting deck needed is determined in part by the size of your lawn. 38” or 40” Cutting Decks Ideal for ½-acre to 1-acre … Read More

What are some things to consider when shopping for a snowthrower?

How Much Snow Do You Get? Dual stage snowthrowers, which feature powerful engines and maximum clearing widths, are recommended for heavy snowfall areas that typically get up to … Read More

What should be considered when shopping for a walk-behind lawnmower?

Which type of lawn mower is best for my yard? The size of your lawn is one factor that will help determine whether you need a push or self propelled lawn mower. Smaller … Read More

How can I prevent the chute from clogging up with grass or other bagging problems?

To help prevent this problem: Grass that is being cut must be dry Engine throttle control should be in fast position, with slow ground … Read More