What are some things to consider when shopping for a snowthrower?

How Much Snow Do You Get?

Dual stage snowthrowers, which feature powerful engines and maximum clearing widths, are recommended for heavy snowfall areas that typically get up to 22" of snow. Dual stage models are ideal for moderate snowfall conditions as well. Up to 16" of snow is considered moderate. Single stage snowthrowers are designed for light-use applications with up to 10" of snow. They are llightweight, maneuverable and easy to use.

What Type of Snow Do You Get?

Tough northern winters demand dual stage snowthrowers. Dual stage units are built to perform in conditions ranging from moderate to extremely heavy, wet snow. Higher engine horsepower also gives the snowthrower increased ability to handle heavy and wet snow. Single stage snowthowers are intended for lighter-duty applications.

How Much Area Do You Have to Clear?

The clearing path is the width of the path, the snowthrower will clear in one pass. The wider the clearing path, the faster the snow removal job can be completed. The engine size also makes the difference. As horsepower increases, so does the ability to quickly complete the snow removal job. In addition, the wheel propelled drive systems on dual stage models make it easier to drive the snowthrower when large areas need to be cleared.

What is Single Stage vs. Dual Stage Operation?

  • Single Stage
    Designed for lighter-duty applications such as clearing sidewalks, steps and smaller driveways, single stage snowthrowers are lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability and storage. In one efficient operation, the auger rotates at a high speed to gather snow and throw it out the chute.
  • Dual Stage
    Designed for medium to heavy-duty applications, dual stage snowthrowers are ruggedmade for quick, easy removal of large amounts of snow. Snow is gathered inward by slow-turning augers and directed toward the high speed impeller which throws it out the chute.

Look for These Features...

  • Remote Chute Rotation
    Rotates up to 190 degrees so you can easily throw snow in any direction.
  • Push-Button Electric Start
    Quick and easy starting gives you power with the push of a button.
  • FREE FLOW® Discharge Chute
    Rectangular design virtually eliminates clogging in wet, heavy snow, removing
    snow more quickly to reduce work time.
  • Single-Hand Control
    Leaves one hand free to make adjustments without stopping.
  • Remote Chute Deflector
    Raises and lowers the height of the deflector with one hand so you can throw snow where you want.
  • Power-2-Steer
    Drives both wheels continuously through turns, providing maximum traction for effortless turning and easier maneuverability.
  • Constant driving of both wheels through turns provides twice the power and twice the traction.
  • Virtually effortless to steer, while in transport mode or blowing heavy, wet snow.
  • Steering operation is automatic and continuous, giving you the power to easily turn when you want.
  • No additional cables to get in the way, the mechanism is completely contained in the motor box.

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