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What are some things to consider when shopping for a riding lawn mower?

The width of cutting deck needed is determined in part by the size of your lawn. There are three main types of transmissions available. Read More

Where can I find basic troubleshooting information for walk-behind lawn mowers?

Before attempting any of the following repairs, shut off engine and disconnect spark plug. Read More

What are some general troubleshooting tips for my riding mower?

Before attempting any of the following repairs, shut off engine, and disconnect spark plug. Read More

How do I obtain a safety data sheet?

To obtain a safety data sheet of a product, fill out our Contact Us form. Please provide details on what product the request concerns in the "Questions/Comments" field. Read More

What does the term 3-N-1 mower mean?

The term "3-N-1" refers to the ability of the mower to cut and process grass in three different ways. Read More

Where can touch up paint be purchased?

The original finish is an oven-baked powdered paint. However, scratches can be repaired by color matching automotive touch-up paint purchased from a local auto parts store. Read More

What happens when grass is being mulched?

When grass is mulched, the blade cuts the grass and suspends it until it is cut again. This process continues until the grass is chopped into small pieces and falls to the ground where it becomes natural fertilizer for the lawn. Read More

What is the best way to mow on a slope?

Walk-behind mowers are designed to operate on slopes no greater than 15 degrees. When mowing on slopes with a walk-behind mower always Read More

What do I do if the parking brake will not engage?

This may be caused by a clutch that is in need of adjustment. For instructions on how to adjust the clutch Read More

Where is the model number found on Murray products?

The model number appears on the model plate, which is usually found in a visible location on the product. Always pivot the seat up on riding mowers when looking for the model plate. Read More