Find Dealer Service & Support

A local Murray dealer can assist with service needs, such as routine maintenance or repairs, or finding the right parts or accessories to help your product last.

If you originally purchased your product at Walmart, please find your product’s model number or model description & the corresponding Customer Service number in the table below. A Customer Service representative is waiting to help provide information on the closest dealer in your area available to assist with repairs & service support.

If you originally purchased your product at a local dealer, please follow the link below to our Dealer Locator, which will pinpoint dealers in your area within a 50 mile radius.

Product Model Number Product Model Description Customer Support Phone Number 


961140032, 960440008B, 96114002400, 96114002500, 96114002900, 96114003100, 96727690100, 96727700100, 96727680100, 961140030, 961140031, 961240004, 961140030, 961140031, 961140029, 961240004



MP21450, M175-42, M20300, M21450, M21500, M22450, M200C, MS210, M25CC, M20300, M22450, M22500, M22550, M20300, M22450, M22500, M22550





11A-A1BF758, 11A-B23Z758, 41CDZ03C758, 41ADZ22C758, 41BS99MS758,13BC26JD058, 13AC77LF058,11A-A2BA758, 11A-B23Z758, 12A-A03Z758, 41BDZ01C758, 41CDZ03C758,41ADZ33C768, 41CDZ22C768, 11A-A23K758, 11A-B23Z758, 12A-A03Z758, 41BDZ01C758, 41ADZ20C768, 41CDZ03C758, 41CDZ22C768, 41AS79MY758, 11AA23K758, 11AB23Z758, 12AA03Z758



MP21500, MP21625, M2510, M2560, M25B, M105-30, M115-38, ME21550, ME21625, MS21625, M2500, M2510, MS2550, MS2560, ME21550, ME21625, MS21625, M2500, MS2550, M2510, MS2560, M7900, ME21550, ME21625, ME21625







96727680100, 96727690100, 96727700100



M25CC, M200C, MS210



Find Service for Products Purchased from Your Local Dealer

Your local Murray dealer can help with routine maintenance, repairs or purchasing service parts.

To find a local dealer in your area, click here.