What are some common problems/solutions to shifting?

The 'shift-on-go' does not shift properly or jumps out of gear?

Have a Murray Service Dealer adjust shift gate to Murray specifications or see your Owner's Manual.

Extreme vibration occurs when clutch is engaged (Let-Out)?

  1. Check for split or damaged pulley(s). Replace if necessary.
  2. Check drive belt for irregularities or burned spots. Replace if necessary.
  3. Make sure drive belt tension is correct. Adjust if necessary.
  4. Check clutch idler assembly for wear or damage. Replace parts if necessary.

The unit will not shift or shifts hard?

  1. Check shifting procedure. Non Shift-On-Go units MUST come to a complete stop before shifting.
  2. Check lawn tractor drive belt adjustment and brake adjustment in manual. Adjust if necessary.
  3. Have transaxle or transmission inspected by a Murray Service Dealer.

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