Everyone has different demands when it comes to their lawns. The EQ models each have different features to suit the varying needs. You can choose different Briggs & Stratton SERIE Engines, cutting widths depending on your lawn size, multiple discharge options, and handlebars. Compare the different mowers to find the model that fit you and your lawn best.



The EQ400's 18 inch (46 cm) steel mower deck is perfectly suited to mow smaller to medium sized lawns. 


The EQ500 features an ergonomic handle bar that is adjustable in 3 heights. It can be easily folded for storage to reduce precious space.  


The EQ500X 46 cm (18 inch) steel mower deck combined with a 60 litres soft bag is perfectly suited to mow medium sized lawns. 


The EQ675iS features Instart® technology, it is the easiest starting mower ever. Instead of pulling you push a button to start the mower. 


    The patented Direct Overheid Valve (DOV®) engine delivers more torque, improved sound quality, and les noise and vibration.